Greentech Design can offer many services including:

  • Draughting plans and details on CAD
  • Energy reports
  • Liase with Architects, Engineers, Builders and sub contractors on or off site.

jeff photo Jeff has been pushing the low energy design message in a personal drive towards environmental sustainability since moving to New Zealand in the 1990's.

After researching the subject and building a couple of houses himself each warmer and more efficient than the last - he set up Greentech Design as a consultancy to help design comfortable homes that dont cost a fortune. Jeff is an Acredited Homestar practitioner with the Homestar rating scheme.

Email jeff@greentech.co.nz
Phone   021 08289 292

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A new name for Greentech Homes is Energy + Homes and will be show cased at the Canterbury Home Show from 17th to 19th October 2014.



MagRoc NZ Ltd  Building systems have been issued with Appraisal and code-mark.


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